Add Float Therapy to Your Training Regimen

Training is a two-part process. First you put your body through abuse to break it down and make it better suited to the task. Then you recover to build it back up. Doesn’t matter what sport or activity: basketball, football, rock climbing, powerlifting, MMA, baseball, cycling, or pilates. Your muscles get torched, your muscle fibers tear, and your joints ache. How quickly you recover from that abuse determines how quickly you can do it again. The experience of floating in the Orbit Float Tank is your athletes’ ticket to getting back on the court, back on the field, and back in the gym quicker – recovered, rested and focused.

Professional athletes have been including float therapy in their recovery regimens for years, with float tanks in pro’s homes, in college training facilities, and locker rooms! Epsom Salt, itself, has been used for centuries to accelerate muscle recovery and you won’t find a higher concentration anywhere else in the world. By bringing the Orbit into your facility, your athletes will recover painlessly, effortlessly, and have the ability to do so while working on one of the most important aspects of their sport: their mental game. Meditation, visualization exercises, even listening to podcasts and gameplans are all ideal things to do during their recovery float sessions in the Orbit.

Orbit allows serious athletes to take their game to the next level. Physical recovery and mental training will give your athletes the edge they need to achieve greatness.

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