Luxury hotels are in a virtual arms race of amenities. Gyms get bigger and better. Hotel spas that were once the talk of the town are becoming world-renowned among the traveling elite. Even the complimentary water offered in lobbies have fruit concoctions in them that would make a sangria connoisseur jealous!

The hotel looking for an amenity that relaxes guests in a truly unique way, makes a statement about their brand, and that’s a profit center has come to the right place.

Guests will look at their flotation session in the Orbit as the defining, uniquely memorable experience during their stay. Stressed out business travelers will delight in the much-needed REM cycles during their float, guests in need of pampering will love how soft their skin feels after their float, and those sleep-deprived masses you check in at 3am from the red-eye? Send them down to the the Orbit for the best ever way to get over jet lag!

The Orbit’s shape, engineering, and technology will enable guests of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities to benefit from a floatation session. While the guests enjoy their relaxation, staffers can remotely monitor any and all metrics about your Orbit Float Tank. To succeed in the Hotel Amenities arms race – you need to arm yourself with the best. The Orbit will give you amenity supremacy.

Tranquil Solutions is the sole US provider of the Orbit Float Tank, for sale to hotels, resorts, spas and wellness programs throughout the nation.

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