An Exclusive Choice for US Float Centers

Float Centers are the commercial front lines for the Orbit Float Tank. The Orbit takes the industry standard and blows it away. The Orbit Float Tank provides the best possible environment for a user to float in. In an industry that has been growing by leaps and bounds, Float Center owners require a way to differentiate themselves more than ever. Tranquil Solutions team members have been at the forefront of the Flotation

Industry for the better part of a decade, growing a single startup to multiple locations, growing membership numbers, and hearing daily feedback from users about what they expected and wanted from their float session. Each and every complaint, fault, mishap, and hope, ideal, or dream was carefully logged and compiled to aid in the development of the Orbit. The Orbit has elegant simplicity in its use but compromises on nothing by way of features. Audio quality and customization, Infinite3 Signature Illumination programmable lighting, intuitive controls for every aspect of the float – it is the ideal user experience in every way.

And from the operator’s point of view – the Orbit exceeds even the highest of requirements.

Our Process

Once an Orbit Float Tank is procured from Tranquil Solutions, our white glove service will walk you through each and every step your Orbit will take – from manufacturing to onsite installation and beyond. Rather than fooling around and stressing out over financials, shipping, customs, logistics, features, warranties, and any of the other nightmares you’ll go through to get your average float tank, Tranquil Solutions has your back. We have our own logistics company that we work with, which means you’ll have the ability to talk to someone stateside at any point in the shipping process.

Tranquil Solutions staff will be on hand when your Orbits are uncrated and shipped. When they arrive at your chosen destination, so will our Installation Team, to make sure every detail is accounted for and everything goes according to plan. They will install your Orbit Tank, ensuring setup is perfect, and provide support thereafter should you ever have any questions about literally anything. Putting Tranquil Solutions on your team is like hiring someone to deal with annoyances – your world will be more stress-free for it.

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