Get More from Your Team and Attract Top Talent

Your corporate wellness programs are there to keep your team performing to the best of their abilities. Through deadlines, late-notice projects, and assignments calling them to go above and beyond for success Рyou want something that will relax them but not take them out of the zone.

The Orbit Float Tank will do just that. Float sessions will help relieve the pressure and stress from their workload while giving their sore backs a break.

They will be shocked as they experience bursts of creativity, while mellowing out in the most relaxing environment possible. Like the orange slices you used to get after tee-ball games, send your tired, your overworked, your closers to floats after their projects are completed and you will get their best time and time again. The Orbit is the best gift you can give your employees at their corporate wellness programs, and you will be pleased with the quality of work and employee that comes back.

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