A Revolutionary Flotation Tank

Orbit Float Tanks are the future of floating. Simply put, there is nothing better.

The Orbit’s revolutionary shape and lid design are both massive improvements on the standard market offering of hinged doors and struts. Rather than relying solely on the user’s ability to lift and close a door, pulling down or lifting the lid slightly activates a mechanical device that slowly lifts and raises the lid to the user’s comfort. Its organic shape, more akin to modern art than the standard flotation tanks the industry is used to, allows for a massive internal space.

The Orbit has active condensation control built into its framework – no more condensation build-up dripping down onto unsuspecting users, no more squeegeeing the interior between floats! Further, the Orbit has a hydrophobic coating on its surface – which not only further guarantees a lack of condensation, but aids in the cleaning and sanitary nature of the Orbit. Inline embedded heating also keeps the Orbit’s solution at the absolute perfect temperature for floating, adding to the unbelievably soothing experience of floating in an Orbit Float Tank.

The lighting and audio capabilities of the Orbit Float Tank are unparalleled. High quality audio emanates from beneath the user, surrounding them with quality and clarity. Listening to their own tracks (or ones pre-loaded into the system) through the fully integrated in-room customer interface, your clientele will have an auditory experience unlike anything they have ever experienced. The Infinite3 Illumination programmable lighting displays dance mesmerizingly around the base and interior of the Orbit, ensuring a visual adventure of more than 16 million combinations that the user will never forget!

A feature operators will be blown away by is Orbit Control. In development and set for release mid-2017 – while the user enjoys the float of a lifetime, the operator can remotely monitor the Orbit from a central control for the Orbit Flotation Tank. Reducing staffing costs and maintenance time – Orbit Control provides instantaneous feedback on technical data and operations. Operators will have metrics like temperature, pH level, solution density, and filter life available in real time. At a glance, operators will see session times, music selection and volume, and initiation options while the user is in their session!

The Orbit revolutionizes not just the user and operator experiences, but the cleanliness and sanitation of the tank as well! The Solution Processing Unit employs Total Solution Removal. The entirety of the solution will drain at the end of the float tank to an external purification unit, where it will be doubly-filtered with Ultraviolet (UV) and pass through sterilizing sub-micron filters. Once the solution has been completely purified, the solution will refill into the Orbit Float Tank for the next user experience: absolutely purified.

Tranquil Solutions is the sole distributor of the Orbit Float Tank in the United States. Learn about our history and our commitment to engage, “white glove” service to our clients.

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Behind the Scenes of Orbit’s Commercial Launch