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About Tranquil Solutions

What is "White Glove" treatment?
White Glove treatment is the gold…no, scratch that – PLATINUM standard of client care and service you can expect from Tranquil Solutions.  Every member of the Tranquil Solutions team knows your product, your problems, and the solutions to make you happy better than the back of their hand.  From the moment your Orbit is purchased, Tranquil Solutions tracks your Orbit through each stage of manufacturing, shipping, installation, and afterward until you are satisfied.  When your Orbit arrives at our partnered logistics company (that’s right, we have one of those!), a member of the Tranquil Solutions team will be there; photographing, inspecting, worrying over your Orbit like a momma Bald Eagle waiting for her egg to hatch.  When your Orbit arrives at its final destination, the Tranquil Solutions team will be there to oversee every second of its unloading, assembly, and installation.  We’ll get your Orbit up and functioning perfectly and even get the perfect solution going in your Orbit so the second the Tranquil Solutions team is gone you can enjoy the absolute best floatation experience in existence.

After years of trials and tribulations in the health and wellness industry, dealing with accidents, catastrophes, and incompetence – we knew there was a better way.  A higher standard.  When you want something done well – hire someone else.  When you want something done perfectly – put us on YOUR team.

Why the Orbit and not another float tank or pod?
The Orbit is the best way to experience floating. Period. Take a look at every other tank out there, and then look at Orbit. Each floatation ‘facilitator’ – be it tents, tubs, tanks, pod, cabins, or rooms, has some sort of drawback. You might have to ask real float tank operators to hear about them, but they’re there.

Except the Orbit. The Orbit is not based off another float tank’s design. It was not made in a vacuum, without input from years’ worth of real floatation operators. The Orbit is not the lowest common denominator designed to give someone a “basic” “standard” float session. What the Orbit is – is an answer. The Orbit’s components and features are the answers to every problem a float tank operator or user has experienced in the last five years. Examples: users had been asking how float tanks were cleaned. After explaining, they then asked, “But how can you be sure?”

Boom. Total Solution Removal Filtration that is actively monitored by sensors in real time to make sure the solution is purified to perfection. Better UV. Better micro-filtration. All in a closed compartment monitored by sensors delivering megabytes of data all the time.

Operators have complained about when to start a floatation session. When the user is in the tank? When they shut the lid or door? What if the movement sensors in the room aren’t working? Do I have them push a panic button? Do I really want alarms going off all the time in what is supposed to be a tranquil setting? Do I get down on my hands and knees and look under the door or something???

Done. Sensor-activated startup. When the sensor reads that the solution in the Orbit has changed to indicate someone is floating, the Orbit user’s session automatically begins. No one else does that. The Orbit does.

Large, Disabled, and Elderly clients were having trouble entering and exiting their float tanks. The doors or lids weren’t user friendly, gave no assistance, relied on manual operation, and constantly had a buildup of condensation throughout their operating times.

Enter the Orbit’s Vertex Lid. Instead of opening at the end, it opens in the middle. The lid slides back to allow a user to stand perfectly upright in the middle of the tank – safer and more comfortable. The lid need only be moved 18”, and a mechanism raises or lowers the lid from there. And that condensation? Never again. The Orbit has an anti-condensation heating pad embedded in the lid, as well as a hydrophobic coating so not only will your users not have water drip down onto their faces during a long float, but cleaning the Orbit’s shell is easier and more effective than anything else out there.

There are tons of very good reasons to go with Orbit. See them in the downloadable media here.

But at a certain point, probably by the end of the download, you’re going to ask yourself why you wouldn’t go with Orbit.

But until that time – ask us questions here! Stump us, challenge us, call us out, and have our team SHOW you, that an order for an Orbit Float Tank is an order for something better.

Why "Tranquil Solutions?"
Because there are ‘solutions’ and there are SOLUTIONS. Part of the reason we exist is because of how fed up we became with our own experiences in the health and wellness industry. There were brand representatives that didn’t know their own products, didn’t understand or know their company’s agreements. There were maintenance and installation workers that didn’t maintain or install their product. There were people representing themselves to be original, hard-working individuals that amounted to little more than copycats, thieves, and liars. Products that didn’t work, products that broke constantly, parts late in delivery or never sent at all: it was like climbing a never-ending mountain made of excuses. Each one standing between us and helping people, standing between us and a successful business. And you know what the worst part was? The ‘solutions’ we were offered! Little more than bandaids on bullet holes, the ‘solutions’, stop-gap measures, and empty promises left us more stressed than the original problems!

The saying goes – a smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others. Well, the mistakes of others lead us to create Tranquil Solutions. We offer you Tranquil Solutions for a Stress-Free World. Once you place your order, we take care of every little detail that separates you from your fully installed and operational Orbit Float Tank, and send you weekly updates and summaries. When we solve a problem, you’ll know it, but – more importantly – it stays solved.

Where are you located?
In the heart of the USA! We are located in Dallas, Texas and Denver, Colorado, with our partnered logistics company operating 11 distribution hubs all over the continent, including a warehousing and shipping facility right at the DFW airport. If it were any easier to get your Orbit to you, you’d be living in the manufacturing plant.

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About Floatation Therapy

What is Floating?
Floating or “Floatation Therapy” or “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy” is a health and wellness modality that helps people recover both physically and mentally.  Studies performed in the United States and Sweden have concluded that floatation therapy reduces stress and anxiety.  Further, floatation therapy helps relieve the symptoms and feelings of chronic pain (associated with the effects of several autoimmune disorders like fibromyalgia and lupus), swelling in soft tissues, muscles and joints, headaches, and insomnia; while lowering blood pressure and aiding in meditation, stretching, and overall relaxation.  Several studies has shown that floatation sessions reset stress response hormones like cortisol, ACTH, and epinephrine - with many effects of floating found to last months after the user’s sessions.   

Client typically enter a floatation tank, pod, cabin, or hybrid (The Orbit Float Tank is the first hybrid floatation tank!) that’s filled with a Magnesium Sulfate - Water solution warmed to the average skin surface temperature of the user’s body.  Due to the density of the solution, the user floats effortlessly at the surface of the solution.

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About Aqua Massage

Are Aqua Massage units UL certified?
Yes!  All AMI products have been Independent laboratory safety tested to UL and CE specifications.

Do you get wet?
Users of Aqua Massage units do not get wet.  A waterproof, long lasting barrier separates the user from the water.

What kind of power does it take?
The Aqua Massage is self-contained, and operates on standard electrical power. No plumbing is required and no water disposal is necessary.

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