Aqua Massage :: Unparalleled Rejuvenation

Aqua Massage units are the best full-body, automated massage systems in existence. Users experience unbelievable rejuvenation, customization, and relaxation in the warm, soothing confines of the Aqua Massage capsule. High-pressured water jets pulse and flow over tired, aching muscles to even the most massage therapist-oriented user’s delight. The combination and heat and undulating motion of the water as the jets travel up and down the body is perfect for sore muscles and joint, soft tissue soreness, and back pain. Aqua Massage capsules are relieving muscle tension and stiffness, improving circulation, and loosening tight muscles to increase range of motion in more than 90 countries across the world.

Aqua Massage units are endlessly customizable. Those with the Spa Profiler are able to store pre-set massage settings for individual users. Deep tissue massage can be varied by intensity and pressure while users pause and focus the water jets on any part of their bodies. Users can switch between a throbbing pulsation setting and a soothing, steady stream of water at the flick of a handheld switch.

Aqua Massage units allow users to receive the same benefits of traditional, therapist-given massages in a fraction of the time and without the costs and considerations a massage therapist requires. Users remain fully-clothed, don’t require massage oils and messy creams, and remain completely untouched by human hands. Aqua Massage units are the ultimate in personal, customizable, automated massage systems.

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